Benefits of mobile payment by MPLA

The payment app can be used on all mobile phones, tablets and computers connected to the internet. Simply type into your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari,…) and the payment can be made immediately

A single app facilitates payment for paid street parking, parking in parking lots as well as in parking garages. Today you can pay in Prague, tomorrow in Liberec and some other day in Brno.

To pay, you can use standard VISA and MasterCard. In November 2013, we became the first company in the Czech Republic to enable parking payments using the CCS fuel card. The parking bill comes together with the fuel bill. Since April 2019, payment through the AXIGON (Shell, EuroOil, Innogy) fuel card has been enabled as well.


You have your parking meter directly in your phone. By using the MPLA app, you can save time that you would otherwise spend looking for a parking meter.

MPLA is the only app that facilitates payment in the Prague blue parking zone. The blue parking zones are designated primarily for residents, but non-residents can park there too for up to 3 hours. There are no parking meters in the blue zones, so the MPLA app is the only payment method available.

If you park in a paid parking zone, you will surely appreciate the app’s feature that notifies you that your paid parking time is about to expire. A couple of minutes prior to the expiry of the paid parking time, the app will show a notification with link allowing extension of the parking time.

That’s right – parking time can be extended remotely simply by online payment. Is a business meeting or lunch with friends taking longer than expected? No problem, just pay for parking from your phone.