• Instructions for new users

Type mpla.io into your internet browser (or find the mobile app for Android here).

Select the type of parking.

Select the relevant section or parking lot.

Enter the license plate(s).

Enter your e-mail address and information on your payment card or fuel card (CCS or Shell, EuroOil, Innogy from AXIGON) .

Your data will be saved and your card(s) paired with your account.

If your device (platform) supports receipt of notifications, you can receive notifications of approaching expiry of your parking time.

Find more information at http://www.mpla.io/pouzitiaplikace/

  • Video-manuals

Video showing the process of payment card registration:

Video showing payment on the street with a registered payment card:

Video showing payment in a parking garage with a registered payment card:

  • What should I do if the payment is declined.

This may happen for several reasons:

  • your account balance is insufficient for the payment
  • you have used up some sort of bank limit, e.g. for a certain number of payments per day (different for every bank)
  • online transactions are blocked on your payment card (see the settings in your e-banking)
  • there could be a typo in the CCS card number you have entered
  • your payment/CCS card has expired (the card will be shown in red letters in the list of cards).

Unfortunately, the banks do not specify the reason why they decline payments, so neither we nor the card processor knows the exact reason.


  • What should I do when my data is not saved or if I cannot run the app

In this case, check the following:

Are cookies enabled?

Is Javascript enabled?

Is Adobe Flash Player installed?

Is Java installed?

Cookies set-up manual:


If all the settings correspond to the above and the app is still not working, please contact us at info@mpla.cz. Please specify the nature of the issue, your e-mail address, your vehicle license plate, the last 4 digits of your paired payment card, and whether you are using the app or web browser (and what browser you are using, if applicable).

  • What should I do when I cannot pair my payment card or CCS card

It is possible that you have selected the Opera Mini browser, which does support the “local storage” that the MPLA service needs to function. In this case, you have to use another browser, such as Chrome, Safari etc.

  • What should I do if incorrect time is displayed after I pay

The Date & Time function is probably disabled on your phone, i.e. the phone does not receive information on the time zone from the mobile network. In this case, you have to set up your phone to receive information on the time and time zone from the mobile network.

  • I want to change/delete my payment card details.

Click on the Settings icon in the app (in the top right corner), where you can freely manage the information entered.

  • I want to change/delete my license plate.

Click on the Settings icon in the app (in the top right corner), where you can freely manage the information entered.

  • My data is saved in the app, but the payment was not processed.

This may happen for several reasons:

  • your account balance is insufficient for the payment
  • you have entered incorrect security password
  • online transactions are blocked on your payment card (see the settings in your e-banking)
  • your payment/CCS card has expired.
  • I have forgotten my security password.

In this case, you need to re-enter your payment card details and set up a new password. You can do this in the Settings tab.

  • The app is in English.

The language of the app is set up automatically to match the language of your browser. Find the icon for the change of the language in the top right corner. The app will “remember” the change and you will not need to change the language again.

  • I did not receive a payment receipt.

The payment receipt is sent to the e-mail address saved in the app immediately after payment. Please check whether you have entered the correct address, without any typos. Please also check the Spam folder in your mailbox. The e-mail might have been marked as spam. If necessary, please contact our helpline info@mpla.cz

  • There is no parking meter ticket behind my windshield. Won’t the municipal police give me a ticket?

Definitely not. You won’t be fined for a properly paid parking session (correct license plate, section No., parking time). The Virtual Parking Meter system is connected with the central system, which informs the municipal police about the validity of parking authorisations.

  • I do not want to download any apps, but I always want to have the Virtual Parking Meter ready.

In this case, you can create a shortcut to the mpla.cz website on the desktop/home screen of your device. Type mpla.cz into your browser and click on browser settings in the top right corner (the icon usually contains three dots or stripes) and select Add to desktop. You can do this analogically on Android or iOS.

  • Notification settings

For correct functioning of the Notification of approaching expiry of parking time feature, you need to use a web browser that allows notifications, i.e. Android/Chrome, Windows/Chrome. The iOS operating system does not support notifications yet.

  • I cannot extend the parking session

The duration of parking in the paid parking zones is restricted to a certain maximum time. It depends on the type of zone in which you park (e.g. the maximum duration of parking in the blue zone is 3 hours). After you use up this time, the system will not allow you to make more payments and extend your parking session.

  • Backups

The MPLA app itself never deletes data. Nevertheless, saved information can be lost in certain cases, e.g. after updating your browser. This means that the data from the MPLA app could be deleted as well, which means that you will have to enter them again.

For this purpose, you can use the settings backup function under Settings -> Backup

What information is backed up?

  • all license plates;
  • all means of payment (payment cards);
  • e-mail

The app encrypts the information using your password and sends you a link to restore the information to your e-mail.

In the event the data is lost, you simply look up the e-mail (with keywords: MPLA backup) and open the link that it contains in the browser where you want to restore the settings.

Some other effects of the backup:

– the backup overwrites the current settings

– the backup contains only the settings specified above; other properties (e.g. enabling of notifications) must be set up again

– the backup can only be created for a device with at least one active means of payment (payment card)

– the backup can be made once per hour at a maximum

– the backup does not contain payment card numbers etc. (these are stored with your bank), but only their links to your device. If you delete the cards after you make a backup, the permanent links will not be restored from the backup. And vice versa – if you add new cards, they will still be paired with the device after the settings are restored from a backup.

– We recommend that you protect the backup by a password, especially if your e-mail could be accessed by other persons.

– If you forget the password, the backup cannot be restored.

– We recommend that you restore the backup in only one browser and not simultaneously use several browsers with the same settings restored from a single backup.

– The backup is never stored in MPLA servers, all the backed-up data is contained in the backup link.