FAQ – Switch to EasyPark Czechia

      • What is happening?

MPLA has become part of the EasyPark family. We will now provide a larger coverage and additional parking services in the EasyPark app.

      • I don’t recognize EasyPark, please tell me about it.

EasyPark has more than 21 years of experience driving innovation in the parking and mobility space. Our parking app is used by millions of drivers to manage parking and in some countries, EV charging. But we don’t stop there. We build smarter, more livable cities – one parking spot at a time.
With the use of technology, we break barriers and improve the urban life experience. We help cities balance parking supply and driver demand – not by adding additional parking spots or reducing the number of cars, but with the help of predictive technology and data visualization. We also help cities become more sustainable by eliminating congestion, increasing efficiency and enabling a smooth experience for charging electric vehicles.

EasyPark has a unique market coverage with presence in over 20 countries and more than 2,200 cities. The markets we are active in include Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Hungary.

      • What will change for me when I transfer from MPLA to EasyPark?

You will be able to use one app in over 2 200 cities around Europe. Where the city’s local rules allow it, you will also gain access to features such as eary stop and by-minute parking. You will also be able to see your parking and payment history for all parking sessions done with the EasyPark app in the app or on the website. All of your receipts are also available to be downloaded.

The MPLA card will not be available with EasyPark. However, we accept other secure methods of payment. If you need multiple drivers to share a method of payment, we recommend you to look at EasyPark Business subscriptions, which offer a range of solutions for your needs.

      • What do I need to do?

When it’s time for you to transfer to EasyPark, you will get all the information you need directly in the MPLA app. It will only take a few minutes to do the transfer.

Once you get started in EasyPark, you will simply need to add a method of payment of your choice as this will not be automatically transferred.

      • Do I need to create a new account?

When it’s time for you to transfer to EasyPark, you will get all the information you need directly in the MPLA app. It will only take a few minutes to do the transfer. You do not need to create a new account.

      • Will I pay the same price I was paying?

The applicable service fee will be displayed in the app before a session is initiated. Generally, this service fee will be up to 15% of the cost for your parking or charging session, with a certain minimum fee. Please note that the fee may vary over time and by location or operator. Always check the app for the service fee that you will pay for a particular parking or charging session.

      • Will I be able to access my history from my MPLA account?

You will still be able to access the your previous receipt from the confirmation email you received. We will not transfer any information about your previous parkings over to the EasyPark app.

      • Will I be able to park in all the cities where I used to park?

Our intention is that you should be able to continue using the EasyPark in all cities where you have been using MPLA before. If there would be any exceptions, you will be informed about this.

      • When will the MPLA app stop working?

This will happen at different times for different customers. You will get information when the MPLA app will stop working specifically for you through in-app messages. You can transfer your account when the option shows in your MPLA app and at any time up until the MPLA service closes. The sooner you do the transfer, the better!

      • How can I order an EasyPark sticker?

A sustainable business operation is a key priority for us at EasyPark. Hence, we do not send out stickers to customers. Also, no stickers is required in Czech Republic. However, we realize that some countries or cities are still requiring this. If this is the case, the easiest way to comply with this requirement is for you to write a hand-written note saying ”EasyPark” and put it clearly visible on your windshield.

      • When can I transfer to EasyPark?

When it’s time for you to transfer to EasyPark, you will get information directly in the MPLA app. It will only take a few minutes to do the transfer.

      • I don’t have a credit card. Will EasyPark offer more payment methods in the future?

We are always evaluating ways to improve our service and provide our customers with the best possible experience. This means that we might add new methods of payment in the future.

      • Will the MPLA app still work? Do users need to replace it with the EasyPark one?

The MPLA app will work until you as a user have transferred your account to the EasyPark app. Then you will no longer be able to start parkings in the MPLA app. However, you will still be able to access your parking history. Eventually, the MPLA app will be discontinued. When this is happening will of course be communicated through in-app messages.

      • Which cities are impacted by this change? How many cities?

The ambition is that all MPLA cities will become EasyPark cities. Together, the MPLA service and the EasyPark services are available in over 2 200 cities around Europe.

      • How are you communicating on this topic to your users?

We are doing substantial communication efforts through in-app messages to ensure that our users are informed about this change.

      • What will be the timing for the transfer? Will you start with specific cities and other cities will follow? What is the timing in what region?

The exact order and timing might change over time but you will get information in the app when it’s time for you to do the transfer.

      • Which Customer Care should I contact and how ?

You can find information and frequently asked questions on our website. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, you are always welcome to reach out to our Customer Care team. If your question concerns the MPLA service, please reach out to the MPLA Customer Care. If your question concerns the transfer to the EasyPark app or the EasyPark app itself, please reach out to the EasyPark Customer Care. Contact details can be found below.

EasyPark Czechia
+420 800 021 110
From abroad +420 228 883 383

+420 734 204 320

      • Does the EasyPark app come with the same features as the MPLA app?

The core functionality of the app will stay the same. You can still start and extend your parking session remotely, however, you will also get access to additional features where the local authority allows it, such as early stop and by-minute parking.

Another difference is that standard, secure methods of payment are available instead of the MPLA card, which will no longer be supported.

      • Will my payment method remain the same?

Standard, secure methods of payment such as apple pay and major credit cards are available instead of the MPLA card, which will no longer be supported.

      • Park across borders

EasyPark is available in 20 countries in Europe. You can use the same app to park abroad. If you’re visiting another country, open your EasyPark app and use it as you would at home. Available areas will be displayed on your screen and transactions will be charged in your local currency.

Business and private account

      • Switch between business and private

Allocate costs to the right account with only a couple of taps. In EasyPark you have both your private and your business account in the same interface, so switching is very simple.

      • To switch from private to business:

1. When starting a parking session, and before you confirm it, look below the pink wheel where you will see which account your parking session will be charged.

2. If you wish to change, tap on the bar below the pink wheel, and choose the account you wish to make the charge to.

3. Now you can start parking!

      • Add vehicles to your account

EasyPark allows you to add or remove license plates to your account with no additional costs. If you are concerned about drivers using your business account for private trips, please see restrictions below.

To add vehicles:

1. In the app: Drivers can add whichever vehicles they wish to use by either going to the “vehicles” section of the menu, or in the top right corner of the “start parking” screen.

2. If you have a list of allowed vehicles, these can be uploaded in a spreadsheet in the restrictions section of the self-service portal.

      • Park with multiple vehicles at the same time

EasyPark enables you to start a parking session for multiple vehicles at the same time through the Guest Parking product.

Speak to our team to learn more about this solution and enable Guest Parking in your account.

      • Split by cost center

EasyPark facilitates the administration of your company’s costs. By Creating payment groups, you can split your costs by cost center, departments or specific projects.

      • To manage payment groups:

1. Log in to your EasyPark portal, My Pages.

2. Go to “Payment Groups” and create a new group. This can be a cost center or department you wish to have invoiced separately.

3. Add users to the payment group. All transactions made by your drivers will be reflected in the payment group they belong to.

4. To assign costs to projects or specific errand types within a payment group, please use the parking notes. These are visible and can be downloaded in the “Parking History” view.

      • Manage parking time and vehicle restrictions

EasyPark provides tools to protect and control the expenses charged to your account. Whether you wish to enforce the use of company vehicles for errands or prevent costs outside of working hours, we got you covered.

      • To manage restrictions:

1. Log in to your EasyPark portal, My Pages.

2. Go to “Parking restrictions” and select the payment group you wish to apply those restrictions to. Note that specific users can be excluded from the restriction settings.

3. In vehicle restrictions, you can set a list of approved vehicles for drivers to use. For instance, if you have a fleet of company cars drivers are recommended to use during working hours.

4. Save your settings. Below vehicle restrictions, you will find time restrictions.

5. Select the payment group and the working days and schedules your drivers will be able to start parking and charge it to your business account.

6. Save your settings.

      • Get automatic access to gated areas

EasyPark gives you access to a great number of garages where camera access is available. This can be set for each vehicle so facilitate easy entry and exit of parking garages.

      • To enable automatic camerapark:

1. Go to the “Camerapark” section in your side menu.

2. Select the vehicle you want to enable for automatic camerapark.

3. The gates will open automatically in the garages where this service is available. Your parking session will have started in the app.

4. Stop your parking to drive out of the garage when you need to go.

      • Daily billing

EasyPark offers a transaction-based billing, so you can go about your day unworried about an invoice at the end of the month. If you prefer a monthly charge, this is available with our business accounts. easypark.cz/business